Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript (Part 2)

In part 1, we had learned about two important concepts in functional programming paradigm: immutable data and pure function.

Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript (Part 1)

Imperative programming is a programming paradigm that uses a sequence of statements to reach a certain goal.

Simple, Cheap, and Scalable IoT Data Logging With Clojure

I have a small green house in my home front yard, and I deployed some sensors like temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity (EC), and pH sensor there.

Geekcamp Jakarta 2015. Programmable Music

Geekcamp Jakarta 2015 is a technology and business conference organized by KMKLabs.

Urban Farming with Clojure

Currently, I’m developing an indoor farming system to grow vegetables (at the moment is Lettuce) and herbs in my house.

R.I.P All of My Fish. Postmortem of A Hardware Automation Project

One of the biggest problem of having pet is filling its needs while the owner leaving the home.

Full Stack Clojure Project

Why I’m deeply in love with Clojure? That’s because I can do full stack development only in one language.

Integrating React Bootstrap and Reagent

This weekend, I am experimenting to use React Bootstrap with ClojureScript.

My Learning Curve In IoT World As A Web and iOS Developer

As a web developer and iOS developer, I didn’t know much about hardware or bare metal programming.

Is Learning to Code Necessary for Everyone?

Although coding is not a basic communication skill for human, I prefer to encourage people for learning it, especially for someone who wants to expresses and develops his/her idea in technology industry but doesn’t come from computer science background.

Me and Programming Languages

This is the story of my life about my relationship with some programming languages from the first time I learnt computer programming until now.