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28 Jan 2015

Is Learning to Code Necessary for Everyone?

Although coding is not a basic communication skill for human, I prefer to encourage people for learning it, especially for someone who wants to expresses and develops his/her idea in technology industry but doesn’t come from computer science background. There are couple of reasons according to that opinion.

In the first place, if people know basic coding skill, he/she can develop his/her very beginning concept of software by his/her own hand, then his/her can show it to the more appropriate software engineer. It will establishes an effective communication between the idea owner and the software engineer. Second, basic coding skill can improve his/her decision making skill, because he/she will writes many decisions for many conditions in his/her flow of codes and datum.

In spite of the benefits of having the ability to code, learning it also has some hurdles, such as too many programming languages out there. It will make newbie feel confuse to choose their very first programming language. One more example obstacle, books that teach about coding usually too technical and contain many technical jargons which can scare non-technical people at a glance.

Many peoples that desire to make business in technology industry are not always coming from computer science background; they only have ideas, and also many computer science degree holders don’t know how to make business by using their knowledge. Thereby, both of them should meet on one table if they desire to grow together. Thus, basic coding skill will be helpful to establish the communication between them in this circumstance.

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