Single: A New Life

My first music single is out. Listen it on your favourite streaming service.


Inspired by the life-changing experience of moving abroad, I wrote and released my first electronic ambient music single: A New Life. I can say that A New Life is a programmable and generative music single because the music is programmed by using JavaScript, a computer programming language. All melodies that you hear are coming from real-life data. A New Life consists of 2 tracks.

1. Human Migration

This almost 6 minutes song tells the story of my family’s flight from Denpasar to Tallinn. I did field recording during the flight from Denpasar to Jakarta. That’s why you will hear the pilot and the ambient of the cabin sound of Garuda Indonesia GA407 in this track. The melody comes from the aircraft speed and altitude data of Turkish Airlines TK1423 from Istanbul to Tallinn.

2. Tallinn In December

I can say that this song is unique. Absolutely. Because the melody comes from the real-time hourly weather forecast of Tallinn in December. If I need to perform this song later, the musical notes will not be the same. The magical winter atmosphere of Tallinn inspires me to write this song.

Welcome to the winter wonderland.

Listen to “A New Life” at

If you are interested to see the source code of A New Life. You can visit it on my GitHub.