Single: People Just Want Peace

I composed the music to bring the message of peace to all over the world.


I walked around Tallinn’s old town area a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this graffiti. I guess someone created it after the protest event against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in February 2022. The war that’s still happening now.

People Just Want Peace graffiti
The graffiti in Tallinn's old town.

Inspired by that graffiti and the big protest in Tallinn, I started composing this music. Peaceful music for everyone.

“People Just Want Peace” consists of two tracks, “Prologue” and “People Just Want Peace”. I use field recording to create a Prologue track, my footstep on the flurry ice. I like to hear the ice sound. It feels peaceful to the ear. I keep involved a generative technique with JavaScript in this single to create a rhythmic synth sound for the main song.

You can listen to “People Just Want Piece” on YouTube Music.