28 Years Old. Do Something Matters Now.

Today, September 21, 2015, I'm officially 28 years old.


Today, September 21, 2015, I’m officially 28 years old.

Many people say 28 is the starting age to enter adulthood. In astrology, they call it Saturn Return. It is a period for Saturn completing its full orbit around the Sun, and Saturn is returning to the position when the people were born.

Whatever people talk about the age of 28, I believe it is the age for starting something matters and meaningful in my life and my career. My first career milestone was building a company before 25 years old, and I achieved that. I found a digital marketing agency with my partner from scratch. It is a good cashflow business until now.

Now, after 3 years plus doing service business for the client, I’m ready to expand my career.

Education for Tech

Inspired by the initiative to teach my office boy for coding, I’m thinking how if I scale this initiative to many people who want to learn coding, but don’t know how to start it. It sounds very interesting, isn’t? Who know if I can make them get a better career for their life after learning coding?

I’m in the progress to start this very soon with my partner. Oh, the name for this initiative is Framework.


Apparently human population in earth is proliferating, but how about the food production? Can it balance the population? Starting from this background, I and my wife are just thinking how to produce our own food. Hence, we learnt hydroponic farming. We are living in dense city with no land for farming, but hydroponic can answer that challenge. No soil and can do vertically.

Leveraging my coding skill, I add some computer and sensor automation to our hydroponic farm. Luckily, I and my wife have some friends who are in the same train with us. So, we are starting Tanibox to help the world produce more edible vegetables and fruits.